Friday, September 10, 2010

Reggie Bush, Contrite but Not Apologetic...

....whatever the hell that means.
Here in southern California, there seems to be an obsession among sports broadcasters that Reggie Bush should apologize for enriching himself while at USC. Well, why should he? There isn't a sports organization, pro, college, or high school that wouldn't kick an athlete to the curb if that organization perceived it to be in their best interests. NCAA scholarships can be cancelled at the end of a season. An athlete can do everything that's asked of him. He can attend every meeting, every practice, and be ready to play in every game; he can live up to the stated ideal of the NCAA and be a true scholar athlete. And then at the end of the season, if coach finds some junior college transfer who scored 450 on his SATs and barely eeked out Cs at such and such community college, but can catch a pass or run to daylight, scholar athlete, who played by the rules can get kicked off the squad, and if not rich, kicked out of school. Coach can go to one of his players, let's say a pre-med major, and tell him, "Hey, I know you've got a 150 IQ, and you want to cure cancer, but you need to spend more time in the weight room. How about becoming a physical education major instead." And if that player says, "Sorry coach, I care more about academics than athletics." it's bye-bye.
Colleges want their athletes to mix with boosters. After all, boosters donate money to the school. Colleges want their athletes to go to the parties, carry the school colors, and glad hand with anyone with a check book and large bank balance. Colleges are allowed to take donations, but athletes are in violation of the rules if they accept anything at all. Colleges can make millions selling jerseys of their star athletes, but the athlete sees nothing from the exploitation of his name and likeness. The NCAA is a racket, all wrapped up in mom and apple pie imagery.

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