Friday, September 10, 2010

New Hostages

We've all been hearing a lot about the pastor Terry Jones and his weird Koran fetish. The commanding general in Afghanistan, the Secretary of State and Defence have gone on national television to ask him not to go through with his plan. Even President Obama has weighed in on the inadvisability of his actions. With the latest twist in this ongoing saga, a willingness not to strike the match in return for the moving of the so called ground zero mosque, Jones may have found a way to avoid all the trouble his actions will cause with the lose of only a bit of face. Of course, if the Imam in New York City (Sorry, I'm too lazy to look up the spelling of the name.) refuses to meet with Jones, and he'd be smart not to let himself get dragged into this insanity, tomorrows bonfire might go on anyway.
In everything I've read and heard about this lunatic, I've yet to hear anyone make this pretty basic point: Do we face a future of being held hostage by any nut with a computer and Internet access? Twenty or thirty years ago Jones would have been nothing more than a local story worthy of two minutes at the bottom of the local news cast. And at that, the story would have probably been more about a fool starting a bonfire with out a permit. Pastor Terry Jones is a man with, at most, 50 followers. His claim of nation wide support has netted him donations of about 200 Korans for his strange little incineration ceremony. Hardly a sign of an American nation wishing to see the Muslim holy text going up in flame. But thanks to the world wide web, if Jones does strike the match, we will very likely see riots, violence, and the deaths of hundreds, thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of people, because some jackass from Florida knows how to type and click on "publish post."
Meanwhile back on the narcissist front, pathetic billionaire Donald Trump has offered to buy the sight of the ground zero mosque.

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