Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Meg and the Housekeeper

Forget about the boarder. If you want to do something about illegal immigration, arrest those who hire the undocumented. Hmmmmm, where should we start? Here's an idea, how about Republican pornographer, little Meg Whitman. Yes, it seems that our favorite wealthy political dilettante, little Meg had an illegal alien on her household staff. Wow, what a bombshell. It seems that little Meg, just like every other Repug that runs for office, is quick to criticize their liberal opponents (Well let's be honest and make that more liberal. After all, many things are comparative.) for an elastic sense of right and wrong, when they themselves are quick to break the law when it's in the good cause of supporting America's ever expanding plutocracy. (Look it up if you don't know what it means. And for goodness sake, use a paper dictionary!) And what's doubly exciting for little Meg is that she's not just a defender of the plutocrats, she is one!
Hey, but seriously folks. There is only one real reason to hire an illegal immigrant to work as a housekeeper, and that's because they work for a lot less money than a legal resident of the United States. So why isn't anyone asking the obvious question; What kind of billionaire is so cheap that they're comfortable with exploiting the poor and desperate? I'd be willing to bet that if pay was divided by hours worked, little Meg wasn't even paying the lady minimum wage.
I rest my case. To be a successful CEO, one has to be a sociopath. The other great example in Cal politics is political dilettante, Carly Girl Fiorina. Let's see, fire thousands of American workers from a profitable company to increase profits by going for the super cheap labor in China. It's a good thing for the Carly Girls of the world that they shoot labor leaders in China.

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