Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Lap of Luxury

I kind of feel sorry for Melania Trump.  I suspect she sold her youth for a luxurious life style for herself and her family.  I doubt she ever suspected that her oaf of a husband would run for the presidency and hold her up to a  certain level of public humiliation.

One of the sad things about the whole plagiarism things is that it has drawn attention away from the ravings of Dumbo's supporters at the Repug convention.  In general, I hate Nazi analogies, but let's be honest,  Rudy was a few minutes away from calling for concentration camps for American Muslims.  General Michael Flynn was also pretty sad.  Apart from being a horrible public speaker, until Donnie came around, the retired General was a life long, pro choice Democrat, yet he was willing to throw it all away for a very slight chance to be on the losing ticket.  And would someone please tell Antonio Sabato Jr., that President Obama is not a secret Muslim.  Now I have my doubts that the Prez is all that religious, but come on, the next thing we'll see is some sort of birther nut opening his big mouth, and wouldn't that be pathetic.

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