Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Didn't we fight a revolution so we could ignore these people? The idea of an inherited monarchy is absurd. The notion that a family is owed deference, loyalty or reverence because of an accident of birth is so stupid that it defies all reason. That so many people, around the world, care about this wedding is insane.

What really bothers me is that so many of my fellow Americans, citizens of a free republic, descended from founders who were willing to die so that we would not have to bow down to a king are all a flutter about the House of Windsor. I can remember a column by the late Mike Royko about a visit by Prince Philip to Chicago. It seems that the royal dullness was quite put out that Americans felt free to approach him on something other than bended knee. Royko pointed out to Phil that had it not been for the citizens of our republic his polo pony would be branded with a swastika and he should show a little humility. I agree, and I also think that if the British had any common sense, they'd boot the Windsors to a much deserved exile in some former colony that was raped and pillaged in the name of god, king, and country.

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