Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?

Just thought I'd brag a bit about my correct prediction on the Super Bowl. (See my post of 1/24/10) I didn't get the score right, but I did pick the Saints over the Baltimore Colts.
Oops, I mean the Indianapolis Colts. It looks like, some time in the next couple of years, two NFL teams will be moving to Los Angeles, and since the Colts are playing in an old stadium, in a small market, it's not impossible that this years also ran could be here in L.A. I've got to admit that I have mixed feelings about the possibility of Indianapolis, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Minnesota, or St. Louis moving to southern California. As an Angeleno I'd love to have my own team to root for. (I grew up in a small town fifty miles from Pittsburgh, so I bleed Steeler black and gold. The Steelers will ALWAYS be my first love.) But, in the United States, pro sports are heavily subsidized by government. We develop the players in public schools, we build the infrastructure around stadiums, and often we build the stadiums as well. As long as football is subsidized by our tax dollars, I don't think that team owners should be allowed to play musical stadiums. If owners want to argue the free enterprise card, they should go off the public teat.

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