Friday, February 12, 2010

Jackal States

There they were. Roaming the streets of downtown Los Angeles, dressed as Cupids and handing out greetings from the state of Colorado. "Colorado Loves California." Another state trying to make us feel better during our on going budget crisis? Hardly, it was Colorado trying to lure businesses away from California and to Colorado.
Is this what its' come down to, one state acting like a jackal, trying to enrich itself by driving another into a permanent economic crisis? Sure looks that way. Welcome to the new America. We're not trying to grow native economies anymore. In a country that has endured thirty years of Reaganomics, the only way to survive is to screw the other guy as quickly as possible, because if you don't, he'll do it to you. The social/economic Darwinism envisioned by Ronald Reagan and his cartel conservative supporters has reached it's nadir. There's nothing left but to pick over the rotting corpse of Reagan's America.

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