Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Torture

It's no secret that there are homeless people in Hollywood.  I just saw an interesting story on the late news.  A charity has been running a food truck for the homeless. (And the housed hungry)  Okay, I get it.  Some of the local home owners are unhappy that the poor are getting fed, near where they live.  But sometimes, you just see a guy who is such a jackass that it requires comment.  There he was, the local resident saying that he was literally being tortured by the presence of the homeless.  I guess he's a bit unsure of the whole torture thing.  I can't imagine that  hungry people being fed a couple of blocks from his home is the equivalent of water boarding.  I have no sympathy for those who demonize the poor for entering their precious personal space.  He suggested that they should head downtown where the homeless belong.  Hmmm, if he doesn't want the destitute in his neighborhood, isn't that also true of housed people in a poor, downscale neighborhood?  Those poor people, they just don't know their place.  Like I said, a jackass.

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