Monday, September 30, 2013

The End of Government

I am not cynical about the Tea Party.  I don't think they care about their political future.  I don't think they worry about donor opinion, the well being of their constituents, or the idea of compromise.  They are driven by an extreme ideology, and care about nothing else.  To them, the sequester was a victory.  Shutting down the government is an honorable aim, and causing a default just another day at the office.

I am cynical about the main stream Republicans.  I think they'll cave to the extremist wing of the party out of fear that they'll be primaryed and lose their office.  In the end, the public may blame the Tea Party, but historians will blame John Boehner's cowardly refusal to stand for principal over political expediency.  That's a hell of a thing to be remembered for.

Someone should remind Mr. Boehner that the Speakership is a constitutional office and not a political one.  It's his duty to be a statesman rather than a party hack.

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