Monday, May 20, 2013


At the risk of being seen as insensitive, I've got to ask a couple of obvious questions about today's mega tornado in Oklahoma.

1.  Conservatives are constantly going on about how human caused climate change is a hoax.  There are a lot of very conservative people in Oklahoma.  What are they saying now?  Climate scientists have been warning about more, large, super storms on the great plains, and those predictions are coming true.

2.  Many conservative, evangelical Christians have made a connection between Hurricane Sandy and gays in New York.  Their strange reasoning is that God  let loose his wrath on the sinful metropolis.  There are a lot of conservative, evangelical Christians in Oklahoma.  Do they think that God is punishing Oklahoma, and if so, why?

3.  And speaking of Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma senators James Inhofe and Tom Coburn worked to slash disaster relief to New York and New Jersey.  When FEMA was running out of money, both senators opposed adding more money to the FEMA budget.  Will they oppose disaster relief for Moore, Oklahoma?

I'm just asking.

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