Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

With hurricane Sandy about to take out a good sized portion of the east coast, I thought I make this timely reminder:  During the GOP debates, candidate Mitt Romney advocated turning disaster response back to the states.  No more FEMA, just an unfounded faith that each individual state would be able to take care of it's people and rebuild after a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado.

But that's always the con answer.  Let's get rid of the federal government and hope that the states, or better yet, the private sector,  can take over.  Which brings me back to this whole timely reminder thing.  Hey, conservative states, the rest of us have a habit of bailing you out.  Remember when Texas Governor Rick Perry cut funding for state fire services?  Remember when Texas caught fire?  Remember when the federal government sent in federal fire fighters to save your state?  I doubt it.  Conservatives have very, very bad memories.

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