Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Victory For Working Women

In 2002, Martha Burk of The National Council Of Women's Organizations began urging Augusta National Golf Club, site of The Master's Tournament,  to admit women members.  This week, Augusta proffered membership invitations to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and businesswoman Darla Moore.  Both women have accepted membership.  In a short interview on the PBS News Hour, Burk proclaimed it a victory for working women.

Really?  A victory for working women would be a unionized work force.  I'm sure there must be a few women employees at Augusta.  A victory for them would be higher wages and a union to stand up for their rights.  A victory for working women would be an equal pay for equal work law, and mandatory paid maternity leave.  

Hey, if the one percent are going to have their own little club house, then why not admit the dress wearing elite.  But let's not fool ourselves.  A victory for the new American oligarchy is not a victory for working women, working men, or the growing number of working children.

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