Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Weiner

Dare I say it again? People like sex. People, given the chance, will use whatever means at hand to play at sex. Unless someone breaks a law, a person's sex life, and that includes the sex lives of the famous, shouldn't be any of our business. If Representative Anthony Weiner wants to send sexually themed photos to women and they are receptive, who cares? Not me.
I've noticed that some Repugs are trying to draw a comparison to Weiner and another New York state congressman, Chris Lee. Their confused logic seems to run along the lines that since our guy resigned, a Democrat should fall too. Well, Rep. Lee, yet another anti-gay marriage Repug, in addition to posting shirtless photos of himself, was trolling for passable CD/TVs for fun and games. Personally, I don't think an interest in guys wearing high heels, dresses, and red lipstick should disqualify a man from being in congress. As I've pointed out on my photo blog, I spent years working in photo labs, and I never had a week go by where I didn't print amateur, sexually themed photographs, and by far, the biggest category was cross dressing. Hey, what ever does it for you. By now, Repug hypocrisy has been so well established, that I doubt it can do them any harm.

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