Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Meg's Ambition

Little Meg Whitman has now spent $142 million of her own money to get elected governor of California. She must really, really, really want the job. I've got to wonder why, though. The reality is that California doesn't really have a state government anymore. What we have is the initiative system and all the state legislature and governor can do is go to Sacramento and try and make some sense of the mess that we the voters have made.
Wait a minute. Could it be? Is it true? Is Little Meg, Ahnold with presidential ambitions? I think so. I mean, Jerry Brown is a political creature from a political family. Had he beat Bill Clinton and become president he'd still probably be running for governor. But Little Meg is a dilettante who, up until now, has shown exactly zero interest in politics. Yes, should Little Meg get sent to the state capitol, when she moves into the governor's mansion, she'll be thinking, "Wow, those curtains would look so much better in the oval office. I think the first thing I'll do in Washington is put the defense department up for auction on EBay." And then, "I'll cut my own taxes. I mean, I'm rich, and it's only the common people who pay taxes. I'm Little Meg Whitman, President and CEO, of America, Inc."

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