Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Crazy Guy at the Bus Stop in Burbank

My car broke down, and I had to take the bus home. There was a crazy guy at the bus stop, and these are some of the things he said.
"I'm a millionaire. I can document it all. I own five houses but they took them all away. I want to go to heaven. I'm an army man. I've got to go on a secret mission. I shot him in the chest. If I have to I'll take the poison. I've been alone since four. Since I was four, at four. Four, four, four. I want to shoot myself in the head. They made me take pills but I knew they were against me. The CIA. My father ate things. Fuck the bus. Are you an army man? Not that army, this army. Leave me alone. I've been alone always. They took my shoes. I'm an angel."
I can't believe there are those in this country who are opposed to national health care. I can't believe there are those in the United States who only care about taxes. If there weren't, the crazy guy at the bus stop wouldn't be so crazy and he wouldn't be sitting at a bus stop, in Burbank, at midnight.

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