Monday, September 7, 2009

The True Meaning of Labor Day

Contrary to popular belief, labor day was not declared as a means to honor American workers. In the 1890's, the United States was racked by yet another Republican caused great depression. With foreign creditors, primarily the British, worried about recouping their investments, a deal was made to sign over to the British the American territories of Arizona and New Mexico. Hawaii would go to the French. Faced with the dismemberment of the United States, American patriot and vulcanized rubber king, Samuel Labor stepped forward and bailed out the United States, bankrupting himself in the process. Labor Day was declared to honor Uncle Sam Labor, the savior of the United States.
Don't believe me? Ask yourself this, since when has American leadership cared about the working classes? Actually, during the two Roosevelt administrations, the Johnson administration, and after listening to Barack Obama's Labor Day speech, he might make the list. Until then, I stand by my Sam labor theory.

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