Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let's Talk About Nazis

If Glen Beck wants to muse about poisoning the speaker of the house, and Rush Limbaugh wants to compare President Obama to Hitler....Okay, let's talk about Nazis, murder and civil disobedience.
The forces of the right in Germany realized that the Nazis were thugs, but they were fighting the communists. The business community in pre-war Germany knew that the Nazis were thugs, but they intimidated the trade unions. Lots of people in Germany knew that the Nazis were evil, but they were willing to do what the more civilized elements of German society wanted done, but were too refined to do themselves. And in the end, after all the dirty work was done, the good people of Germany would step in and control the Nazis. Too bad the Nazis weren't in on the plan.
Rush, Glen, Sean, Laura and the rest are having a fine time riling up the right wing mob. They should be very careful. If one of their followers kills a member of congress, the cabinet, or President Obama, their historical legacy won't be much better than that of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. I wonder if Rush and the rest of the right wing extremists even care. Somehow I doubt it. I suspect Rush would actually be proud to inspire an assassin.

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